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Bulk Fuel Delivery

bulk fuel delivery in Dallas Fort Worth

Haigood & Campbell has invested in proprietary software making us the most efficient transporter of bulk fuel to anywhere in North Texas.

When purchasing fuel in bulk, there are two components in determining your price: (1) the per-gallon fuel cost, and (2) the mileage cost of trucking it to you.  Our Efficiency Algorithm takes into account various factors to ensure you receive an expeditious delivery at the best price.

Twice a day we receive price quotes from multiple fuel terminals across the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex.  Based on the location of each of our trucks, we then calculate the total price per gallon (fuel cost + trucking cost) for every truck in our network to deliver your load from every available fuel terminal.

The result: within seconds we have identified the most efficient path to deliver your fuel.

You need 5,000 gallons of diesel?  Today, we may drive across town to save 10 cents a gallon on the fuel cost.  Tomorrow, we may pay 4 cents a gallon more for the fuel but our truck is also positioned down the road from you so you’ll save 8 cents on trucking cost.

We’ve been delivering fuel for 67 years and have perfected the system with our fleet of bobtails and transports.  And our technology now sets us apart from the competition by getting you the bottom line price without gimmicks.

Click to chat with one of our fuel experts and we can discuss your needs. Or call our offices 24/7 to speak with a live person.  800-766-0016

Same day or emergency service is available.