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Reliable Fuel and Oil Delivery in Colleyville

Haigood & Campbell has been serving the fuel and lubricant needs of North Texas since 1947. Whether you need one drum of hydraulic oil or 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel, we know that you depend on consistent and reliable deliveries
to keep your business moving forward.

Motor vehicle fleets.  Drilling rigs.  Heavy machinery.  Backup generators.  Agriculture.

We carry one of the most extensive selections of fuels, oils, and lubricants in North Texas to serve every commercial, industrial and agricultural application.  To learn more about the products we deliver, just follow the links below or pick up the phone and call our office.  Your call is answered by a live person 24 hours a day.

Why should I choose Haigood & Campbell for my fuel and lubricant needs in Colleyville?

Dependable Delivery

Haigood & Campbell has been in business since 1947.  You don't stay in business that long--through the booms and busts--without an uncompromising commitment to your customer's satisfaction.  When you call to place your order today, you are placing your trust in a team of fuel professionals that will be here to serve you for decades to come.

Routing Technology

Haigood & Campbell has continually invested in new technologies to drive efficiency in our operations, thus lowering our overhead and allowing us to be competitively priced with each and every delivery--not just the first delivery in order to "buy" your business.  We pioneered the region's first Delivery Optimization Software to determine the lowest Cost per Delivered Gallon based on pricing differences at various fuel terminals, and the distance of each terminal from your delivery location.

While another company may offer a lower price per gallon, they must drive 60 miles across DFW to another fuel terminal to get that price.  And after factoring in the freight charges and additional time in gridlock traffic, you are paying more per gallon.

Comprehensive Fuel Solutions

Haigood & Campbell has the resources and experience to deliver solutions for every facet of your fuel consumption.  Perhaps you need a new fuel tank and pump on your shipping yard to fill your fleet.  Or perhaps you need a temporary fuel tank on a job site.  Or perhaps your diesel fuel has been sitting in your back-up generator for two years and you need to clean the fuel so your generator is reliable.

When we have an in-depth discussion about your end to end fuel needs, we often identify areas for improvement that you may not be aware.  This is often the case when diesel or oil becomes old and is hindering the startup of your engine.  Or perhaps we are able to identify an opportunity to save money by installing a larger tank.  Or decrease the carbon slag of your locomotives with a more full-burning diesel fuel.

There are many opportunities to improve operating effectiveness and save in repair costs, but if you are not immersed in these new technologies and solutions on a daily basis then you just haven't identified the opportunity.  You are an expert at your business and we are experts at fuel and lubricants, so let our knowledge be of service.

Family-Owned & Operated

Now in its second generation as a family-owned business, Haigood & Campbell is still operated on a daily basis by the owner, Ward Campbell.  Ward's father started the business after returning from World War II and Ward has been in the business his entire life.  As an owner-operator, he is absolutely committed to the satisfaction of every customer and protect the legacy that has been built over seven decades.  Ward regularly requests anonymous feedback from customers so that he can continually improve customer satisfaction and recognize his All Star Team.

    I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the continued excellent and friendly service we receive each week from your company. Your driver is always prompt and very courteous, asks how we are doing and if we need anything. It is all greatly appreciated! Many thanks!
    John N. -Shipping/Receiving , Southwire- Mineral Wells
    I would just like to say thanks . . . in my 18 years of Management I have never seen a driver so dedicated to his profession and very well educated and polite as he is. Your driver is always concerned about the customer service that your company offers, and he is always helpful making sure that we are completely satisfied.
    Noe M. - Plant Manager, Paisana Redi Mix