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Company History

Haigood & Campbell has been serving the North Texas area since 1947. The business was founded by Cecil Haigood and A.O. (Bully) Campbell, Jr. after returning from World War II. With a modest beginning in 1947, the two of them used one small truck and one pickup truck to distribute fuel and oil throughout the North Texas area.

Through this partnership, Haigood & Campbell was born. Cecil Haigood retired from the business in 1970. A.O. Campbell continued to operate the business until his passing in 1990. The second generation of the family business is now owned and operated by Ward A. Campbell.

Over the years, Haigood & Campbell has expanded in size and region, now serving a broad range of customers in retail, farming, trucking, construction, oil production, drilling and manufacturing. Haigood & Campbell understands the demands of today’s business. The company’s goal is to promote safety and provide exceptional customer satisfaction.