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World’s Best Spill Absorbent

Encasol is quite literally the best spill absorbent on the market for any spill of oils, fuels, chemicals, paint, antifreeze, bases, bodily fluids, and many others hazardous and toxic wastes. . . . and this is no exaggeration.

Being in the fuel and lubricant business for 7 decades, we’ve seen a lot of spill containment products.  But nothing compares to what we see with this technology. And that’s precisely why our largest oil and lubricant customers are making the switch.  The product is far and away easier and quicker to use, and much easier to dispose.

Watch this short video below:

Not only does the spill get cleaned in less than 90 seconds, but the absorbent is ready to be used again!

Key benefits of using Encasol over any other absorbent:

  • Weighs 6X less than clay-based products, and absorbs 5X more fluid.
  • Has no silica so not classified as a carcinogen by OSHA (try to find that in another absorbent)
  • Fast-absorption is perfect for use in high-traffic areas such as warehouses, around fixed machinery, commercial kitchens, and parking lots.
  • Landfill Safe – That’s right. Once toxic substances are absorbed by Encasol, the Encasol can then be safely disposed of in a landfill.  The EPA has tested used Encasol and is unable to detect the foreign fluids.

Whether you need a bag or a pallet, call your nearest Haigood & Campbell for a demonstration of Encasol.