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Our Favorite Restaurants in Hurst

Here are our favorite restaurants in Hurst. Check this out!

Restaurants in Hurst

Located between Forth Worth and Dallas, Hurst is a local suburb that’s a small slice of the South located in Tarrant County. When traveling to Texas and the North Texas area, Hurst Texas can be a great stop with inviting restaurants and diners all providing the best of Hurst Texas attractions.

#1 – CafÈ Medi. Mediterranean tastes and many popular Greek dishes await you at CafÈ Medi, your taste of Middle Eastern dining in Texas. Many dishes here are voted as being the most popular dining choices in Hurst, Texas.
Try their Babaganoosh, Lamb Shank and Kefta Kabab for dinner or a dish of shawarma with your choice of meats for lunch.

#2 – Everything German. Enjoy your favorite brew or microbrewery at Everything German, where European comfort food is the dish of choice. Potato soup and cabbage rolls can cap a great night out, or their famous House Sampler is an awesome lunch dish.

#3 – Bacon’s Bistro and CafÈ. Located off the Grapevine Highway, Bacon’s is a great place for lunch or breakfast and even a late brunch. It can get packed especially during the lunch rush, so make sure to head over early and grab a seat.

#4 – Two Sister’s Restaurant. Located along N Oak Street, Babe’s is a popular dinner BBQ house that’s famous among the residents of Roanoke. Pork ribs, southern style BBQ, Fired Chicken, and Chicken fried steak are the center of focus at this tasty hole in the wall restaurant that’s big on taste.

#5 – Bronco’s Sports Bar and Grill. Head over to quench your thirst or enjoy a Cowboys or Texans game, regardless of who your allegiance rides with. Bronco’s also has live talents and music on select nights, make sure to check their website or give them a call to check ahead.

#6 – Miss Saigon CafÈ. Rice plates and pho are Vietnamese staples of the tropical Asian nation, and Miss Saigon is a genuinely delicious Hurst Texas attraction.

#7 – Zena Sushi. Never judge a book by its cover, and Zena Sushi by the outside appearance of their sushi bar. Many tourists make the mistake of avoiding a sushi restaurant inside of a mall, but that would be a tragic mistake for anyone that wants a real sushi experience.

#8 – Dino’s Pizzeria. Colorful and fun, this pizzeria has all the signature hallmarks of a classic Texas pizza house. Friendly atmosphere and great parking make this location one of the best pizzas among Hurst Texas attractions.

#9 – Carraba’s. Located inside the mall and nearby Zena Sushi, Carrabaís is a fine Italian eatery that’s extremely popular among residents. Head on over and enjoy a plate of Italian classics that residents love, like their Fettuccine with Shrimp, and the Mahi Wafula.

#10 – Fred’s Downtown Philly. Philly cheese steak and cheese fries large enough to choke a donkey, Fred’s upholds the slogan that everything is bigger and better in Texas.