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Fleet Fueling

H&C FuelsH & C Fuels, LLC is pleased to announce the location of a Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling station at 1652 State Highway 174 in Blum, Texas (view map to our location). Pacific Pride is a fleet fueling system that enables customers to provide their fleet with a fueling card without the hassle and worry of handing out a company credit card to every employee. There are hundreds of fueling locations throughout the U.S. where Pacific Pride cards are accepted. All Pacific Pride locations are equipped with SmartLock technology, offering a new world of flexibility and opportunity.

Pacific PrideH & C Fuels offers the following fuels at this location:

No Lead Gasoline, Clear Diesel, and Red Diesel.

How can you benefit from using this location?

  • Easy access for drivers (trucks and cars)
  • No retail traffic
  • Open 24/7
  • 1-800 site finder on card (for other Pacific Pride locations)
  • Security and control of fuel expense (customized reports including date, time, product, driver ID, vehicle ID, etc.)
  • Additional cards accepted include Wright Express, Comdata, Fleet One, T-Chek, Transportation Clearing House and Voyager.

Please contact a member of our team today to learn more about how you can be on your way to worry and hassle free fleet fueling, (800) 766-0016 or (940) 574-2521.