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Fuel Polishing

Fact: Modern refining techniques have reduced the shelf life of diesel fuel, which averages from 6 to 12 months under ideal conditions . . .

. . . and the introduction of biofuels has only compounded the problem. If your business depends on a reliable generator start in critical situations, don’t let unstable diesel fuel be the weak link in your Emergency Power Plan.

Fuel Test TubesFuel degradation is an unavoidable natural process that causes the formation of sediment, water, tank sludge, and bacteria in diesel fuel that is stored for long periods of time. There are dozens of external factors that affect the shelf life of your fuel supply, but an independent lab test once every 12 months is your only assurance that your fuel quality will meet equipment specifications when it matters most.

What facilities need to regularly test their diesel fuel supply?

Fuel Polishing IndustriesIf your facility depends on a back-up generator or pump in critical situations, then you cannot afford to risk poor fuel quality in the event of an emergency. Does your generator need to maintenance or you are in one of these power critical sectors?

  • High-rise buildings
  • Hospitals & healthcare facilities
  • IT data centers
  • Utility and pumping stations
  • Telecom centers
  • Correctional facilities
  • Financial institutions
  • Industrial complexes

Testing your diesel fuel may not just be considered a best practice for your facility, however. It may soon become law in your state or municipality as National Fire Protection Standard (NFPS) #25 is being adopted by agencies across the country. This Standard governs the maintenance of water-based fire protection systems (fire pumps and sprinklers) in high-rise buildings.

Texas is in the process of adopting recent changes to NFPS #25 which includes a new requirement for annual diesel fuel quality tests on the water pumps. You can be sure the insurance companies are not far behind as many of them have adopted their own maintenance requirements for policyholders.Fuel Polishing Technology

Tested: Unreliable . . . Now What?

This is when our team at The Fuel Professionals brings in state-of-the-art technology to return your fuel to its pristine, direct-from-the-refinery condition. Our high capacity Fuel Polishing, Cleaning & Restoration System cleans the inside of your tank while reconditioning, stabilizing, and decontaminating your diesel fuel supply.

This multi-stage process removes the water and sludge from your tank, which naturally occurs as your fuel has come in contact with moisture and humidity in its journey from the refinery to your tank. When a large capacity tank is infrequently used, a common practice has been to “top it off” however this now means years of sludge and particulates contaminate the “fresh” diesel from day one.

Given the rising demand of fuel and tank cleaning services, Haigood & Campbell has launched a new division of their family-company focused on the testing & restoration of dirty fuel back to its pristine, straight-from-the-refinery condition.  Haigood & Campbell’s The Fuel Professionals has the expertise and equipment to service you know matter how big or complex your fuel situation.

Whether you need to restore diesel fuel after it has been exposed to a hostile environment or a 5,000 gallon industrial generator that is only used in emergency situations, we’ve got the solution for you.  We work with the facility engineer to determine the best plan-of-attack, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your facility while our technicians are polishing up to 65 gallons per minute through hi-tech filtration machines.

Fuel polishing (or filtering down to the micron level)  is a quickly growing need with today’s refining techniques and we have videos and more information available on our other website.  We invite you to visit TheFuelProfessionals.com to see this process in action.

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