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Haigood & Campbell sells all grades of quality gasoline:

  • Regular
  • Midgrade
  • Premium

Whether you are a retailer or just need an easier solution for fleet fueling, we’ve got the solution to fit your needs.

With Haigood & Campbell’s proprietary Fuel Tracker technology, we are able to optimize our delivery process to get you the lowest cost per delivered gallon, without compromising our dependable delivery schedule or the safety of our drivers.

We are an independent fuel distributor, so we can purchase gasoline at many different fuel terminals.  While there may be a lower price across town, the freight charges to get over there and back may well end up costing you more.  Our automated Fuel Tracker receives price quotes twice a day and emails you the lowest price for a delivered gallon.

Give us a call today, and see for yourself why our loyal customers have depended on us for decades.