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Kohler Engines Video

Originally published by the Propane Council

Kohler Engines developed the very first propane-dedicated small mower engine. The closed-loop EFI engine includes an oxygen sensor in the exhaust, allowing it to constantly analyze the air-fuel ratio supplied by the engine. The result is a leap in performance over conventional fuels, including $2 per hour fuel savings over carbureted gasoline, and up to $1.25 per hour over aftermarket conversion systems. Users report the engines deliver comparable performance to gasoline and diesel engines, without the same amount of harmful emissions. Kohler Engines’ partnership with the Propane Education & Research Council has resulted in stronger relationships with propane distributors, and OEM dealers. The company hopes to continue to expand its propane product line in the future, and enhance existing innovations like the EFI engine.

About the Series: The Clean American Innovation video series highlights America’s propane technology leaders. As more U.S. manufacturers strive to meet demand for powerful, environmentally friendly products, propane is emerging as a popular fuel solution in markets beyond Agriculture, Residential, and Commercial. Propane has impressed consumers with performance comparable to conventional fuels, while also reducing emissions and lowering operating costs.

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