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Off Road, Tax Free Diesel

Tunks2Haigood & Campbell has been delivering diesel fuel to tractors and rigs for over 60 years. If you operate equipment that does not drive on the highways, then you can avoid paying highway taxes by purchasing Off Road Diesel (also called “Red Diesel”).

Drilling rigs, tractors, back-up generators, front end loaders, bulldozers, fracking equipment . . . if your engine does drive then you need be ordering Red Diesel.

Red Diesel is the same as Clear (on road) Diesel except it has been dyed which makes it exempt from highway taxes. If you already have your Tax Exempt Certificate from the State of Texas Comptroller, then you are just a phone call away from a tank re-fill.

If you have not yet applied for your Tax Exempt Certificate from the Comptroller’s Office, then click the link below and get started. You can also call our office and we would be happy to walk you through the process of applying for the Certificate.

Haigood & Campbell can deliver tax free Red Diesel by the transport load or in a small bobtail. By choosing the most efficient delivery truck, we better utilize our equipment and can pass those savings along to you. Call our office 24/7 and a live person will be there to answer your call.

If you don’t have your own fuel tank, you can purchase a tank from us or receive a loaner tank. Click here to see our tanks.

pdf-icon Click here to apply for a Dyed Diesel Number (DD#)

Click here if you already have a Dyed Diesel Number (DD#)