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On Road Diesel

Haigood & Campbell delivers Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel for use in on road diesel vehicles.

fleet of Coca Cola diesel trucksUltra Low Sulfur Diesel is the only kind of diesel now sold or imported in the United States. But do you know how it effects your engine? Jump over to our sister website, The Fuel Professionals, to learn about these EPA-mandated changes and how they impact the lubricity of your diesel.
Whether you need a 250 gallon farm tank re-filled or a 3,000 gallon transport load for your fleet of school buses, Haigood & Campbell has the truck sizes to fill your tank efficiently. We don’t send an 18-wheeler when a small bobtail will do the job. Smarter logistics means less waste and more savings for you.

What is On Road Diesel?

school bus fleetOn Road Diesel (also called “Clear Diesel”) is your basic, everyday diesel that you would buy at the filling station. If you operate vehicles that drive on the highway, then Clear Diesel is for you.If your diesel runs in equipment that is not on the highway (tractors, drilling rigs, generators, etc.), then you should check out Red Diesel.

What is the difference?

Red Diesel is tax-exempt from highway taxes. However, Clear Diesel and Red Diesel are exactly the same fuel. The red dye is only used to “mark” the diesel as tax-exempt for state inspections. If your trucks have ever been pulled over for a DPS inspection, you know they check the color of your fuel to make sure you are not cheating on highway taxes.

If you do not have your own fuel tank, you can purchase a tank from us or we can loan you a tank. Check out our tanks here.