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Out of Gas Check

Haigood & Campbell is committed to the safety of our customers and our employees. This extends beyond monthly safety meetings and a zero tolerance policy against speeding. This also applies to our Mandatory Out-of-Gas Inspection for any propane tank that has undergone a disruption of service, either because the tank ran out of propane or the propane valve was shut off while re-routing gas lines around your house.

Out-of-gas checks involve inspecting the appliances inside for closed valves, and running pressure tests on the piping into the house and also the piping running through your house.

State and federal law require these inspections due to the catastrophic consequences that can result from the smallest of gas leaks. These out-of-gas checks are critical to the safety of our customers and there can be no exception to this rule.

Honestly, these inspections take up to an hour to complete and this keeps our driver from taking care of more customers. Therefore, we do charge for these inspections. However, once we check your system and fill you up, as a Keep Full customer you should never require another inspection.

Any propane company that offers an exception to this rule is not only violating the law, but they have risked your family’s life for $75.

We have not been in business since 1947 by cutting corners.