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Converting Fireplace to Propane

This is one of our most popular requests from both existing and new propane customers.

No matter if your home is electric or propane, our technicians can convert your wood-burning fireplace into a safe, clean propane-burning fireplace. Gone are the days of restocking fire wood, shoveling out ash, and cleaning your chimney.

If your home is already equipped with propane, we can tap into your existing fuel line going to your house.

If your home is electric, no worries. If a fireplace is all you will be running on propane, then typically a 100 gallon tank is all that is needed. This is the largest size tank that can set next to your home so that you can easily hide the tank in your landscaping - no need to worry about a bulky 250-gallon tank that must sit out away from your home.

We have these tanks for sell or for rent. Most customers rent their tank so we handle the maintenance.

Since these tanks are so small, most customers call us when they are running low. It is best to avoid running empty or else a safety pressure check is required by law.

For customers who don't want to worry about ever running out, you can also rent a remote tank monitor which will alert our dispatch when you run low.

The cost for conversion is unique for each customer based on the location of the fireplace and where the tank can sit. If you have not already purchased your gas firebox, we also work with excellent fireplace stores throughout North Texas who will handle that part of the installation.

Call our propane specialists today to schedule your complimentary on-site consultation. We will come out to assess your needs, provide you options so that you can make an informed decision, and provide a custom quote.