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Propane for Swimming Pools

Heated pools in Texas . . . we don't get to enjoy much of a winter, but when we do, there's nothing better than a "cold" night in a heated pool or jacuzzi. Call us today for your complimentary on-site quote.

Propane is an excellent option for heating your pool and Haigood & Campbell has the technicians, equipment, and service to keep your pool in use year round.

The Complete Process

Our specialists can take care of the entire fuel system installation from start to finish.

This means consulting you on your tank choices, trenching the fuel lines, hooking in with your heater, and ensuring you never run out.

‚ÄčThe size of the tank is determined by the size of your pool and how often you plan to use it.

We have tanks available for both rental and purchase. Tank rental is the option of most homeowners since the rental charge is dependent on the number of gallons you use each year. For folks who plan to keep their pool heated through much of the winter, you'll often use enough propane that there will be no rental fee.

Some customers also want to bury their tank underground - and we are happy to organize take care of the entire process. For underground tanks, the customer will need to purchase the tank (we cannot bury rental tanks).

All our tanks for both purchase and rental have been inspected and renovated with a fresh coat of paint prior to getting setup on a customer's property.

Our technicians will trench the lines, hook up the heater and run all the pressure safety checks in compliance with state and federal law.

But this is just the beginning . . . Service Matters

Haigood & Campbell has a variety of service options available depending on your situation.

Our 'Keep Full' program is popular among customers because we fill their tank when they are running low.

Typically, our system can estimate your fuel usage based on the temperature outside, how many appliances are running off propane, and the system gets smarter based on your historical usage.

However, if your pool, jacuzzi, or firepit are the only uses for propane, it is difficult for our system to accurately predict how much fuel is being used. These uses vary from customer to customer and weather is not necessarily an indication of their usage.

We have a remote tank monitoring device available for aboveground tanks for a small rental fee, but that fee is refundable based on the volume of gallons you use during the year.

You are also welcome to become a 'Will Call' customer, and you can simply call us when you reach 20% and need a re-fill. We strongly recommend calling at 20% because if a tank runs empty, safety regulations require a pressure check on the system.

The next step . . .

Call us today to schedule a complimentary on-site consultation. We work with many of the top homebuilders and contractors in the area so we are familiar with their processes and permitting.

Based on the site evaluation and the options you choose, we can provide you an estimate for the complete installation.

We truly believe that this should be a simple 15-minute conversation and then you'll never have to worry about this again. Flip the switch and you'll have a warm pool or jacuzzi any time of year.