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Haigood & Campbell is dedicated to helping you manage your equipment and storage needs at the best rates. From agricultural and residential to commercial including construction, industrial, oilfield, retail and trucking we have a solution for you.

We have industry specialists on staff ready to review your storage needs and provide the most cost-effective plan for your particular situation. Our highly trained technicians are prepared for all of your installation and repair needs.

Propane Tanks
(available in white or tan)

Propane tanks are available for sale or rent. Quarterly rent amount depends on the size of the tank and the estimated annual gallons used.

propane tank

Fuel Tanks
Horizontal, Overhead, Skid, and Vertical Tanks


Drilling Rig Fuel Tanks & Rig Oil Lubesters

These tanks are built for drilling rigs. They are thick-walled tanks with heavy I-beam skids.