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Safe & Reliable Propane Delivery In White Settlement

Haigood & Campbell LLC has been delivering propane to our friends and neighbors across north Texas since 1947.  From our humble beginnings with just one propane truck and a pickup, our growth over the last half century is due in large part to the guiding principles we stand behind with every delivery . . . to every customer . . . every day.

How can we be of service to you today?  Below are a few topics that folks often have when looking for a new propane service provider.  Follow a link to learn more about how Haigood & Campbell's is best positioned to serve your propane needs now and into the future.  And, of course, feel free to call us to speak with a fuel professional who can answer any questions.

Why trust your f​amily’s safety and comfort to Haigood & Campbell?

#1 We take care of your safety and security just like we do our own family.

The safety and security of your family is your top priority, and so every one of our customers receives a leak test if they ever run out of propane.  Not only is this leak test required by law, but preventative testing is the best policy for identifying small issues that could slowly become larger, more costly and dangerous ones down the road.  If your propane dealer does not require a leak test when your tank is empty, how else might they be compromising your family’s safety?

#2 Reliable service just like if our own family member was to run empty.

Monitoring your propane tank is one more chore on your list that can easily go unnoticed, and just like has happened with our own family members, accidents can happen and you’re suddenly out of hot water.  We know, we’ve been there!  Your pilot lights go out on your furnace and water heater and clothes dryer.  And, of course, a leak test is required.

Immediately once we get your phone call, dispatch will work with our drivers to re-arrange routes and get you taken care of during normal business hours.  If it is after hours or on the weekends, we will work with you to determine the best option for getting your appliances back up and running as soon as practical.

And this is exactly why our ‘Keep Full Program’ continues to be our most requested plan.  Our scheduling software estimates when your tank will be running low based on weather patterns, the size of your tank, and which propane appliances you use in your home.  Our experienced drivers then add you to their truck route and stop to fill up your tank at the optimal re-fill level.  Once you sign up for the ‘Keep Full Program’, get our preferred pricing while you leave the hassle to us and relax knowing you’ll never again deal with a frantic last-minute phone call because your furnace is running on fumes.

#3 – Fair, transparent pricing just like we offer our own family members.

Similar to other household utilities, it is difficult to understand exactly how much it costs for what you are getting. Exactly how much heat do you get from a gallon of propane. Or what about electricity - who knows what a kilowatt-hour gets you. All we know is that $0.0935 per kilowatt-hour is more expensive than $0.675 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Since we all fill our cars on a regular basis, then most customers expect to see propane prices fluctuate up and down with gasoline and oil prices.  However, wholesale propane prices are actually influenced by a wide range of factors including natural gas prices, national propane inventory levels, and seasonal weather patterns.  If you’re curious to know more, click here to read our article and learn more —>Why Don’t Propane Prices Drop With Gasoline Prices?

We simplify our pricing with two pricing tiers:  (1) More than 150 gallons of propane, or (2) Less than 150 gallons of propane with a minimum delivery of 100 gallons.  Additionally, there is a $3.50 Safety & Environmental Fee for each delivery (you'll see many other propane companies charge as much as $16.95 for each delivery).  We work hard at maintaining a safe working environment to ensure a clean bill of health with our insurers and regulators so that we can pass those savings along to you.  So when calling to compare prices, be sure to ask about any delivery or “drop fees” that are in addition to the price you pay per gallon for propane.

Haigood & Campbell’s obsession with customer satisfaction is apparent in everything we do.

Call and speak with our team today and you'll see why we've been serving you since 1947.

    I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the continued excellent and friendly service we receive each week from your company. Your driver is always prompt and very courteous, asks how we are doing and if we need anything. It is all greatly appreciated! Many thanks!
    John N. -Shipping/Receiving , Southwire- Mineral Wells
    I would just like to say thanks . . . in my 18 years of Management I have never seen a driver so dedicated to his profession and very well educated and polite as he is. Your driver is always concerned about the customer service that your company offers, and he is always helpful making sure that we are completely satisfied.
    Noe M. - Plant Manager, Paisana Redi Mix